4 Christina Aguilera icons from the MTV awards.

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3 years now....
22/1/08 was a very sad day,we lost one of the mostt talented actors,a man with a great soul,a loving person ,an artist.
He was someone with a bog heart and an amazing passion for what he do and for who he cares about,someone that won't change himself  for anything,someone who'll sacrifize everything for the ones he loves,someone that amazed and entretained us with movies and  talent .someone so alive ,living it to the fullest someone the world wasn't fair to.

  Heathcliff Andrew Ledger ,His name will live on for ever . R.I.P.

Taylor Swift icon Post♥ .

You are the best thing..♪Collapse )

Michelle Williams icon post including Ryan Gosling.

Blue Valentine...Collapse )

Taylor swift post

Christina Aguilera Post

The Farros left Paramore
So we all got the news
I am still so sad about it,Paramore won't be the same without Josh and Zack,and After josh's statemeant I am even more confused and sad how things turn out this way.Hayley oviously didn't ask for all the attention she's getting or she would have solo a long time ago but she hsaid she don't want all of this

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-the FanArt credit belong to :.FreackMind

          Parmore was a band, Paramore is a band,Paramore will be THE band                               

Christina promoteing Burlesque in Tokoyo
Here's some Pictures f Christina promoting Burlesque in Tokoyo
Credit: Xtina-web.com

Angelina Jolie icons [13]

13 Angelina Jolie icons made for community.livejournal.com/angie_challenge/

Multifandom icons
Hi guys :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while ,I was busy Lately .Drama,drama,drama . I made some icons in a whilebut I  haven't posted them and now I made more and I am going to post all of them  all together .Hehe Hope you like them ]

-12 icons Of Christina Aguilera and One of them is with Cher
-3 icons Of Taylor Swift
-1 icon of Katy Perry
-4 icons of Angelina Jolie
-12 icons of Hayley Williams and 2 of them are with Jeremy and one with B.O.B

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